Since Hemper was born we have always carried out projects and initiatives that go beyond our main activity. The day we discovered the Sustainabe Development Goals from the UN, we found the perfect context to organize and put focus to these initiatives in a diverse and international impact framework. Today we want to introduce how this all makes sense. The 17 Projects: 17 activations, with 17 brands/companies/people framed in each of the 17 SDGs.

The goal is to spread, participate, talk, work, and contribute, but above all, understand the challenges we face. We want the message to be spread and to get further, together with talent and creativity. Showing that if we join forces we can reach more people and contribute to global sustainable development.

How are we going to do it? The answer is found in the SDGs themselves. One of them will allow compliance with the rest; the SDG number 17: Alliances to achieve the objectives.


We are here to contribute, not to compete. We want to ally ourselves because that's how we will multiply the impact. Ally to create a more just and sustainable world doing what we are passionate about.

We would love you to join us on this journey. So, stay tuned for everything that is yet to come...


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What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

In Paris, the United Nations write and agreed to the so-called 2030 agenda. This agenda gathers the international challenges we face and indicates the steps to achieve a global sustainable development.

This agenda is summarized in a very visual and understandable way for everyone in 17 sustainable development goals. Each of these objectives is based on a series of global problems and situations that could improve. Consequently, each of these objectives has specific goals and indicators to measure them.

These SDGs have come much further from being an institutional-level agenda. Today the SDGs are the language we speak to all of us who want to contribute to sustainable development. And they have shown us that, from each role, we must act, so that we can live together fairly and equally, and in tune with the planet.

Hemper, as a brand, has a fundamental role as a speaker towards society. We want to use this power of influence to give a voice to the SDGs, and through our community, contribute to the achievement of the goals. As a company, we realized that by proposing only a profitable business model, we will not achieve the impact we want to achieve as a brand.


Our projects


This project was born with the purpose of transforming a Nepali woman into a change-maker inside her community with the most powerful tool in the XXI Century: technology. We want to break stigmas and to prove that technology has no gender, borders or age. We want to use the education as a tool to improve people's lives.

How do we want to achieve it?

Ironhack, together with Hemper, would like to travel to Nepal on the lookout for the perfect candidate to sponsor a Web Development Bootcamp at Ironhack's campus in Barcelona. After an intensive learning program and an amazing experience, she will be able to apply her knowledge to solve a real problem back in Nepal.

In Hemper, the second Spanish fashion brand with the international certification B Corp TM, with the help of the Ironhack team, we have developed a series of exclusive products to finance the scholarship of the chosen girl.

These products are manufactured by communities at risk of social exclusion and dyed with the Fair Trade corporation Manushi Nepal. The backings of these cases are made by reused rice bags, a unique production system in Nepal. All the fabrics are dyed using plants such as the granada, indigo or catechu.